Aleta S1
Aleta S1
First true, live feed, 360 degree 4K video and 6K still camera with auto-stitching.  

The World's Best Real-time HD 360 degree video camera.  The Aleta S1 is the first true real-time feed panorama camera that produces 4K video resolution streaming at up to 30fps. Using our 4 sets of sensor and lens with higher resolution and better brightness than normal fisheye products, when coupled with our front-end image processing, results in lower aberration and distortion.
The Aleta S1 is a small compact design with an 1800mA battery allowing full portability.
The Aleta S1 uses 4 each Sony 2.4M CMOS sensors with 4 wide angle lens to produce 6144x3520 resolution of panorama images, providing 3600 full-view photo images up to 6K resolution.
Aleta S1 Bluetooth, Li-Ion Battery, Pairing with VR glasses and Cellphones
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