Pro 3.0 DTM System - Sony PS3 Eye

Top end computing hardware optimized for both the Single and Dual Kinect camera and /or up to ten Sony PS3Eye cameras for Mocap performance.  Using  the Intel CPU and NVIDIA GTX graphics card with the installed, tested and fully licensed iPisoft Standard software, plus all driver installed and tested camera hardware sets (Sony PS3Eye cameras) and 10 USB 10m Extension cables, 10 wall / tripod mounting adapters for the Sony PS3Eye.  Bonus: a calibration Maglight included free.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Optional:  2 more Sony Eye cameras and accessories and/or a dual Video card maybe added if requested to almost double speed and accuracy.  Ask for current pricing when inquiring.

Included:  6 months telephone technical support and 12 months email technical support; 12 months manufacturers defect warranty on all hardware

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