NuiCapture Software
NuiCapture Kinect Sensor Software

NuiCapture Kinect Sensor Software

Record from multiple Kinect™ for Windows® sensors simultaneously

Automatically export depth, color, and skeleton data to Matlab, Maya, 3D Studio Max, and MotionBuilder

Synchronize audio and visual feeds across multiple Kinect™ for Windows® sensors

Render video files to visualize recorded data

Visualize recorded data in a 3-D media player

What makes nuiCapture unique?

Synchronous recording
Record depth, color, skeleton, and audio data from multiple Kinect™ for Windows® sensors simultaneously. Video and audio streams are automatically synchronized.
Export recorded sessions to Matlab (MAT), Maya (BVH), 3D Studio Max (BVH), MotionBuilder (BVH), or AVI video files at a click of a button. Multiple sessions can be queued and batch processed automatically.
Use the built-in 3D media player software to visualize the data right after recording it. Rotate and scale to view the data from different vantage points. Preview the data as you would in standard media player software.

Simple and elegant user interface
The user interface is intuitive and easy to use. A comprehensive help section can also guide you through every step of the process.
Streamlined analysis
The automatic export to MAT and BVH files allows you to focus on the analysis aspect of your work. The data is structured in an intuitive and well-documented format.
Video rendering
The rendering of depth, color, and skeleton video files is another useful way of previewing the data. It can also be used to analyze audio/visual synchrony.

Offline post-processing
A Kinect™ for Windows® sensor can produce a lot of useful data. nuiCapture lets you export data whenever you want, allowing you to record back-to-back sessions.
Different imaging formats
A variety of depth and color image resolutions and frame rates are supported. nuiCapture provides the flexibility of capturing in different formats across cameras in the same recording session.
Preview while you record
Preview and manipulate the viewing angle of the Kinect™ for Windows® sensors during a recording session.

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